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The first step when the power goes out is to check your service panel or fuse box.   If all the breakers are in the “on” position (as opposed to “off” or “tripped”), turn off the main breaker, then switch it back “on”.    If you have a fuse box, make sure the fuses are all intact.    Turn off the main power switch, then turn it on again.

Once you have determined that the outage is not internal, please call WEC toll-free at 1-800-932-5245. If the line is busy, we most likely know about the outage, but request that you continue to try to call until you reach someone. Please do NOT leave a message on voice mail or send the information via email. After hours, the phones are answered by an answering service, and they do not have access to our general mailbox or email system, so we will not be aware of your outage.  While it can be frustrating to try to get through during a major outage, please understand that we may be receiving hundreds of calls at once, and there are limitations to the number of calls we can answer at a given time.    Your call IS important to us, however,  and we want to hear from you!


To report a Power Outage:    1-800-932-5245 (Toll-Free)


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