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2014 Equity Distribution Plan

1. Target distribution amount of approximately $300,000 in the year 2014
2. Method of retirement: part first-in-first-out (FIFO), part last-in-first-out (LIFO)
3. Year and amount to be retired:
• $90,000 of patronage capital allocated in 2013 (total margins of $1,055,253.44)
• $27,331 of patronage capital allocated in 1992 leaving a zero balance
• $172,669 of patronage capital allocated in 1993 leave an unretired balance of $368,293
• $10,000 of the Contributions in Aid of Construction allocated to patrons in 2013 per Docket 7554 leaving an unretired balance of $10,272,774.
4. Current members who are entitled to capital credit refunds will receive their refund as a credit on their bill, regardless of the amount.
5. Former members will be given the opportunity to contribute their 2014 capital credit refund to the Community Fund administered by Washington Electric Cooperative.
6. All individual retirements will be reduced by any noncollectable or delinquent amount(s) owed to the Cooperative, as permitted by the Bylaws.
7. No early retirements will be made to the estates of deceased members.
8. No distribution will be made in the year 2014 to those patrons who purchased and paid for Renewable Energy Certificates in 2013.