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2015 Co-op Currents

January 2015

  • Four-Day December Storm Causes Unprecedented Outages
  • Generators and UPS Systems – What You Need to Know
  • Precautions for the Winter-Outage Season – Ways to Stay Safe if You Lose Your Power
  • Stephen Knowlton Appointed to Fill Interim Board Seat
  • Three Squares:   WEC Staff, Family and Friends Join The Effort

March 2015

  • 2014 System Reliability Report
  • A ‘Renewable Portfolio’ for Vermont Utilities?
  • Four Candidates Petition for WEC’s Board of Directors
  • WEC Weaves Wellness into its Corporate Culture
  • A Community Fund Profile–VCIL:  More About ‘Ability’ Than Disability

April 2015

  • 76th Annual Membership Meeting Notice and Agenda
  • 2014 Service Quality and Reliability Report
  • Report of the 2015 Committee on Candidates
  • 2014 Treasurer’s Report
  • Profiles of Candidates Seeking Election to the Board of Directors

June 2015

  • Robust Turnout at WEC’s 76th Annual Meeting
  • Co-op President Bernstein Receives Prestigious Aiken Award
  • Green Thumbs Sprouting at Washington Electric
  • 2015 Right-of-Way Reclearing Projects
  • WEC Staff Discusses Energy Issues with Craftsbury Students

July 2015

  • Contending with Act 148 & a Changing Waste Stream
  • Members Could Receive Calls in August/September for Member Satisfaction Survey
  • The Bees’ Needs–Hope & Beauty in a Small Gesture
  • October 8 Community Meeting Will Include Tour of Co-op’s Office
  • Coventry Open House on September 9 Includes Tour of Landfill

September 2015

  • Tunbridge Rebuild  Sidelined by December Storm
  • What Are These Things Called Capital Credits?
  • WEC Seeks Former Members for Capital Credit Refunds
  • Confronting Our Energy Challenges Honestly and Openly
  • CVABE–Helping People Help Themselves

October 2015

  • WEC Drops Hydro Quebec Power for a Year–Will Reclaim as Needed
  • WEC Community Meeting Features New Laws & Challenges
  • WEC’s ‘100%’ Renewable Logo Makes a Statement
  • Adamant Food Cooperative Leads the Way
  • The Annual ‘Space Heater’ Gambit

December 2015

  • WEC Debuts Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Members Rate WEC’s Performance
  • Cabot Joins WEC’s EV Campaign
  • Positive Effects of RECs
  • Thinking About Board Elections and Bylaw Proposals