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2016 Co-op Currents

January 2016

  • Net Metering–WEC and Others Weigh in on Proposed PSB Rules
  • Third-Party Payment Services are NOT WEC
  • Imagining Improvements, Through a Pickup Truck’s Window
  • It is Your Co-op–How About Running for the WEC Board?
  • Moving Power Lines Across an Owned, Regulated Landscape

March 2016

  • VERMOD Designs New “Mobile” Home Replacement
  • Three Candidates Run for WEC Board
  • 2015 WEC Community Fund with a Feature on Good Beginnings
  • Make Your Dinner Reservation for 2016 Annual Meeting
  • Recycle Your Batteries at WEC

April 2016

  • 77th Annual Membership Meeting Notice and Agenda
  • 2015 Service Quality and Reliability Report
  • Report of the 2016 Committee on Candidates
  • WEC Avoids Rate Increase In 2015
  • Profiles of Candidates Seeking Election to the Board of Directors

June 2016

  • Solaflect Trackers a ‘Match’ for WEC Net Metering
  • WEC Supports Net Metering
  • Manager’s Report
  • Fire-Safety Session Enlivens Annual Meeting
  • Right-of-Way Re-clearing schedule for Summer and Fall 2016

July 2016

  • Dozer Work Pays Off
  • President’s Message – July Weather
  • The Graduates
  • Encroaching on Bear Territory
  • Tech Students Tour Wrightsville Hydro Plan

Sept 2016

  • A Wall Comes To Life – Mural at WEC’s Warehouse
  • WEC’s New Member Services Representative
  • Co-op Seeks Former Members for Capital Credit Refunds
  • Cure for the ‘Siloxane’ Problem
  • WEC Community Meeting October 5th

Oct 2016

  • Visit to Small Hamlet – Co-op Community Meeting
  • Rate Increase on the Horizon
  • Net Metering Changes Coming for Everyone
  • State Confers ‘Outstanding Safety Award’
  • Responding to the Harwood Tragedy through the Five Families Fund

Dec 2016

  • Act 56 and WEC’s ‘Energy Transformation’ Plan for 2017
  • Rates To Rise on WEC’s Power Bills In January
  • Living Below 200 kWh A Month Not Much of a Sacrifice for the Reeds and Their Menagerie
  • The Factors Behind Vermont’s New Net Metering Rules
  • Board Of Director Elections Coming Up With One Director Not Running for Re-election
  • President’s  Message – Holiday Cheer and Winter Preparedness