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2017 Co-op Currents

January 2017

  • Election Deadlines Near as WEC Prepares for 78th Annual Meeting
  • The Saga of A Charging Station
  • President’s Message – New Faces in Montpelier and Farewells to Valued WEC Employees
  • Money Now Available for Weatherization and Other Energy Improvements

February 2017

  • Eyes Wide Open – Money is Available, But Let’s Do Things Right Under “Tier III”
  • President’s Message – We’re All In This Together – A Vermont Tradition, And a WEC Tradition
  • Safety For Co-op Members: A Particular Concern in Winter
  • Three Candidates for WEC’s Board of Directors
  • Manager’s Report – A Modified Rate Increase, And Proactive Planning For Renewables

April 2017

  • 78th Annual Meeting Notice and Agenda
  • Annual Meeting Speaker Susan Morse from “Keeping Track”
  • Director Candidates’ Position Statements
  • President, Treasurer and Manager Reports
  • WEC’s Service, Quality and Reliability Results for 2016
  • 2016 Financial

June 2017

  • 78th Annual Meeting – An Encouraging Turnout
  • WEC Eyes Changes To Its Rate Structure
  • Button-Up, For Saving Money and Cutting Carbon
  • Construction Work Plans – One ends and one begins
  • Sue Morse (Keeping Track) A Beautiful Planet Presentation

July 2017

  • Middlesex Family Taps Into WEC’s Incentives
  • PUC Workshop to Review Regulation and Rates
  • President’s Message and Manager’s Report
  • When, Where, And How Much?…… Power Predictions
  • $10,000 Discount for WEC Members and Employees from Freedom Nissan
  • WEC’s “Community Fund” Keeps Growing

September 2017

  • Fare Thee Well, Will (Will Lindner, 22 year editor retires)
  • President’s Message and Manager’s Report
  • Co-op Seeks Former Members For Capital Credits
  • What’s It Really Like to Drive An Electric Vehicle
  • Fall Events – Community Meeting – October 12 & Coventry Open House – October 17

October 2017

  • Right of Way Crews Keep 1,250 Miles of Line Clear By Hand
  • President’s Message and Manager’s Report – Culture of Safety
  • Cyber Security, WEC, and the Grid
  • Member Writes: On Driving an Electric Car
  • Nissan Leaf $10,000 Discount Extended for WEC Members
  • 2017  Toy Joy, Toys-For-Tots and Warmth Contributions

December 2017

  • Massive, Historic Windstorm Hits Northeast, 7,930 WEC Members Lose Power
  • Members Write: Storm Edition
  • A Letter from the President and General Manager
  • 2017 Herbicide Notice
  • Windstorm  An Index
  • Reflecting on the New Reality – 2017 Community Meeting in Worcester