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WEC 2020 Electric Vehicle, Electric Lawn Mower, Electric Bike Incentives and Discounts for WEC members

2020 WEC E-mower and E-bike Incentives




Nissan 2019 LEAF Discount

WEC has worked with Nissan to bring a $5,000 discount for WEC members & employees on the 2019 LEAF.2019 WEC member $5000 discount

link to Drive Electric Vermont’s webpage of eligible all-electric (AEV) and plug in hybrid (PHEV) new models:

Current EV & PHEV eligible model listing (Drive Electric Vermont webpage)

download 2020 WEC EV Rebate form

Income eligible WEC member households can receive:

$1900 for a new all-electric (AEV) or $950 for a new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)

This can be delivered by any of the following:

1.As an upfront payment to a vehicle loan financing entity such as VSECU;

2.As a direct payment from WEC to a WEC member household when presented with evidence of a qualifying purchase, or

Image of Button Up LogoHousehold Size: Income Limits

  • 1 person: $46,150
  • 2 persons: $54,750
  • 3 persons: $59,350
  • 4 persons: $65,900
  • 5 persons: $71,200
  • 6 persons: $76,450
  • 7 persons: 81,750
  • 8 persons: 87,000

This offer may be changed without notice at any time.