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Abandoned Capital Credits

Former WEC members may have  retired capital credits which have not been claimed.  Some of these credits have been paid to the State of Vermont’s Unclaimed Division and some are still on the member’s capital credit account at the Cooperative.  To check whether you have abandoned capital credits, click on the complete list or click on the letter corresponding to the first letter of your last name in the links below.  Those printed in white with a green box have been paid to the State of Vermont and may be claimed by filling out a form on line at Vermont Unclaimed Property.  Those printed in black may be claimed by contacting the Cooperative at 802-223-5245 or 1-800-932-5245.  You will be asked to verify your identify which can be done by providing WEC with an old address, telephone number, map location #, your social security number (if it is on file), etc.  Upon verification, you will be mailed a refund authorization form.  Note that an asterisk(*) in front of a name indicates multiple accounts.

Complete list of abandoned capital credit refunds A – Z.

Listed by  last name:  C  D  E  H  I  K  L  P  Z