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Membership Meetings

Annual Meeting

Cooperatives are locally owned and controlled by their members. WEC’s one member household-one vote system opens up exciting opportunities for members to participate in the decision-making process of the Co-op. They do that by participating in and attending the Co-op’s Annual Membership Meeting which is held in May.

The Annual Membership Meeting is where members have the opportunity to vote for candidates for director and proposed bylaw amendments and to give direct input to the Board of Directors, General Manager and staff. Members who choose not to attend the Annual Membership Meeting in person may participate in the election process by mailed ballot.

All voting members are mailed the Official Notice and Annual Report which includes the annual membership meeting agenda; information about the candidates running for the Board of Directors, any Bylaw amendments being proposed, and any special vote to come before the membership.   Members may make reservations for the annual meeting dinner by using the reservation form in the newsletter or printing the reservation form from our website homepage and either mailing the form to WEC, PO Box 8, East Montpelier, VT  05651 or completing the form electronically.

Once dinner is complete, members participate in the annual business meeting of the Cooperative.  Copies of the Annual Membership Meeting Minutes which will be voted on during the business meeting are available at the meeting for any members interested in reading them prior to voting.  Also available at the meeting are the Cooperative’s financial statements and independent auditor’s reports.

Area Community Meetings

In addition to the annual membership meeting, WEC members are invited to participate in an informational meeting/discussion which begins with dinner prepared and served by a local group as a benefit fundraiser for that group.  Reservations are required for the dinner but not for the discussion.  The notification for the area community meeting is usually included as a bill insert and is on the home page of WEC’s website.