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Aiken Slaps Power Companies Again at Cooperative Dedication

The guiding hands -- From left to right: O. G. Briden, Field Engineer, REA, Washington, DC; Captain Clarke Millen, Resident Engineer and Superintendent, Washington Electric Cooperative; Dr. R. B. Craig, Assistant Administrator, REA, Washington, DC; E. Harmon Kelley, President, Washington Electric Cooperative; C. A. Winder, Director, Department Engineering and Operations, REA, Washington, DC.

From the December 4, 1939 Burlington Free Press and Times:

Starts Current Over 55 Miles to 155 Families,Praises Courage and Foresight of the Cooperative

Kelley Presides

E. Harmon Kelley, president of the Washington Electric Cooperative, presided at the dedication ceremony which was attended by farmers arid their families of this area and REA officials from Washington.

The company gathered first at the new power plant on the Hardwick Road where two Diesel engines capable of generating 128 horsepower each were started. The room has space for four more engines of the same capacity which will be set up later, it is expected, as the business expands. As president of the co-operative, E.H. Kelley of East Montpelier, presided at the exercises and introduced the speakers.

Adjournment was made to Village Hall for the remainder of the exercises and many could find only standing room, so large was the company present. Among the speakers were Dr. Robert Craig, assistant administrator, R. E. A., C. A. Winder, director, department of engineering. R. E. A., who told briefly of the movement of the R. E. A. project through country and the benefits it was bringing to the residents of rural areas; and Capt. Clarke Millen, the R.E.A. engineer who has been supervising engineer under the R.E.A., and who is to be retained as resident engineer for the co-operative, A.M. Blakeney, Jr., assistant chief of the wiring utilization section of the R. E. A„ furnished some practical suggestions to those engaged in wiring their homes and farm buildings, designed to protect them from poor and faulty wiring and material.