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The Office – East Montpelier, January 1940

From a letter written to Harry Slattery, Administrator of the Rural Electrification Administration by Clarke Millen, Engineer-Superintendent of Washington Electric Cooperative on January 5th 1940.

You will be interested to know that between yesterday and today our office was moved from rented quarters to our own really substantial, fireproof building, which stands on a lot which, on Nov 14th, was practically a swamp. The office is finished in cream wall board with dark brown panel strips and trim. One thing on which I insisted, and which might be considered an extravagance elsewhere than in this northern country, is a native Vermont maple floor. In the panels on the sides walls are six R.E.A. posters by Beall, with which you are doubtless familiar. We can hear the hum of the generators sending 30 KW over lines that were only a dream three months ago, and many times during the past week I have seen in real life the poster of the Lady sitting by her electric light and saying: “Now I’m satisfied.”

I am sure that all of our members would like to join me in thanking you for what has come to pass.

We are planning and working now to extend this service into adjacent areas where the people are in very great need of the benefits of electricity, and are ready to join with us. The number of miles of line which we can construct early next year is limited only by our ability to canvass the territory and prepare plans with the small, force of trained workers available, and to contend with the forces of Nature at this season in a northern country. Some of the roads are already impassible at times.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to visit our Project in the not too distant future.