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Button Up Program

What is Button Up WEC all about?

Button Up WEC is a service to help our members save energy and save money!    In fact WEC wants to give you money to help you get started.  Yes you heard that right; we want to give you money! Button Up 2020 incentives (including Efficiency Vermont and other incentives)

Why are we doing this?  The state of Vermont has a goal to become 90% renewable by 2050. That includes all sources of energy; not just electricity.  In fact, WEC is already 100% renewable so your electric use is already meeting the state’s goal! 

Now we want to tackle fossil fuels like propane, oil and gasoline.  As part of standards enacted by law makers, we must offer programs to get you and your neighbors reach this amazing goal of 90% renewable.  So here’s what we’re doing in 2020.

As part of WEC’s service to you we are offering several efforts including what we call Button up WEC.  Working with Efficiency Vermont (EVT) and our partner Capstone WEC members may be eligible for incentives to improve energy performance of their residences.

The primary role WEC has in Button Up WEC is to inform members whose homes meet minimum energy performance standards, to evaluate equipment and help make fuel choice decisions to improve comfort, reduce operating cost, save on energy expenses, and increase the equity value of your  home. WEC will be offering incentives that supplement Efficiency Vermont incentives for eligible equipment when installed by approved certified contractors.

Homes which do not meet a minimum energy performance standard will be referred to a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® audit contractor to assess and report on the improvements that will save energy and money. The member then selects which improvements to invest in, and what incentives are available to lower the cost of those improvements.

Within the Co-op’s 41-town service territory, WEC aims to provide Button Up WEC incentives by adding insulation, reducing air infiltration, and other air “tightening” techniques.

Contributions from Washington Electric will range from $600 for weatherization improvements to $250 for cold-climate heat pumps when the building meets minimum thermal performance standards (for more information on heat pumps click here efficiency vermont 2018 heat-pumps), $250 for heat pump water heaters  (when replacing a fossil fired hot water system), and $1,000 for pellet boilers. WEC will provide this assistance on a first-come/first-served basis until the Co-op reaches its 2020 budget limit.

What does “weatherization improvements” mean?

Weatherization generally means making a building as air tight while allowing for adequate mechanical ventilation.  Examples are insulation, calking, and air leakage sealing.  But we go a little farther by performing a comprehensive look at your home through equipment. We perform blower door testing and can identify heat leakage through temperature sensing equipment.  By understanding how energy is used at your home, we can help you make smart decisions based on economic benefits of reducing energy use  (fossil fuels in particular).

Weatherization does NOT mean (for example) “change the windows”, because most windows are often not a high economic benefit choice, compared to (1) reducing air leakiness and (2) adding insulation to areas of inadequate performance. Weatherization contractors pin point air leaks by performing g energy audits, and then contracting for specific improvements which will save money and reduce energy consumption.

If the member’s residence has never been tested for Air Changes per Hour, or had a HERS score of 85 or less, or has already received weatherization services from a Weatherization organization, or another of the minimum performance standards (above) then the next step would be to select an eligible contractor to evaluate the building’s conditions. It pays to know where air is leaking and then to devise a specific plan to fix it.

WEC will provide direct technical assistance for any interested member, including guidance on appropriate next steps and recommendations for in-network Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractors. These energy professionals carry a national certification and provide access to Efficiency Vermont’s incentives.

Income eligible members may potentially be eligible to receive weatherization services at no cost through Vermont’s Weatherization Assistance program. Income guidelines can be found here. Income eligibility is determined through our partner, Capstone Community Action. Households that receive other forms of assistance may pre-qualify

It’s your energy iceberg! Energy Iceberg

Get Started!

Step 1: Download and print the forms below. Fill them out and mail them back to us at:

Washington Electric Coop, P.O.Box 8, East Montpelier VT 05651 OR EMAIL TO: energycoach@wec.coop

Step 2: What service/equipment or technology: WEC Button-up intake member information form

Step 3: Button Up Application: 4-10-2017 building data intake form

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