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Meter-Based Surge Suppressor and Back-up Power for the whole house

Electrical surges from storms, accidents, and other grid disturbances may be gradually damaging your household appliances and electronics. Many repair shops will cite surges as a primary cause of premature product failure. You rely on your appliances, electronics and heating system controls daily – why not take steps to protect them against external surges? HOW? With the Co-op whole-house surge suppressor. A device installed at your meter suppresses external surges before they reach your valuable appliances, protecting them from damage, and saving money buy avoiding repair or replacement.

Surges are also generated inside your home. Appliances can create surges within the home that can damage sensitive electronics. While the meter base unit protects against external surges, select from a range of plug-in devices to protect your TV, stereo, computer, phone and other electronics from internal surges. Many of these devices also protect against external surges coming over phone and cable TV lines.

Back-up power:   What do we mean when we say “back up power”? Typically this refers to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) device for a particular piece of equipment such as a computer.

Back-up power for the whole house does NOT have to be a noisy, exhaust-producing machine. Today you can install whole house (or emergency loads only) back-up equipment which does not use a generator. The solution you select depends on what equipment you want to protect and have available during an outage. The whole house UPS automatically switches ON in the event of an outage, and silently switches back to grid electricity when the outage ends. See 12-07 UPS Currents story:

Properly sizing a back-up power system depends on what you would like to have available during an outage. Contact the Co-op for information and specifications.