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Co-op Residential Energy Services

Members who want to understand, and reduce their electric usage should contact the Co-op for user-friendly technical assistance. With a single phone call, most member electric usage can be identified; then a decision on whether to measure particular loads to evaluate whether replacement is warranted can be made. Call the Energy Coach at the Co-op or email the Energy Coach directly:

Working with Efficiency Vermont, the Co-op may also provide a site visit or energy audit to evaluate  most electric “loads” (appliances or equipment). There may be additional services to reduce other energy usage or fuel consumption in a member’s home, for which a site visit may occur, and for which fees may be charged.

Members building new homes are eligible for Vermont Energy Star Homes (VESH) services.

The Co-op supplements VESH incentives, with additional incentives for participating Co-op members, whose new homes achieve particular Energy Star performance scores.

Vermont’s Residential Building Energy Standards (RBES) is our energy code; most recently revised in October 2011, here’s a link to the RBES webpage:

Any Co-op member with electric or other fuel questions, should first contact the Co-op for a initial screening of needs and options.

Most members looking to reduce overall energy use in your home should contact Home Performance with Energy Star®, and a local contractor trained in whole house comfort delivery.

For children and students the Co-op supports the efforts of the Vermont Energy Education Project (VEEP). Contact the Energy Coach at the Co-op to have VEEP come to your school.

Contact the Energy Coach directly: