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Dig Safe

Members’ homes served by underground (secondary) power lines are liable for its ownership, including notification when work affecting underground lines is planned.

Before doing any digging, grading, trenching or other excavation work on your property, you need to know precisely where underground electric lines are buried. At a minimum before any digging in vicinity of underground power lines, shut the power off at the breaker located at the electric meter.

For your own safety, and to avoid costly damage to underground facilities, call toll-free 1-888-DIG-SAFE.

DIG-SAFEis a nationwide notification process that enables excavators to notify the
appropriate utilities – electric and communications utilities, and cable TV companies – that might have underground cable in the area. Notifying all affected utilities individually could be very time consuming, but calling DIG-SAFE simplifies the process. DIG-SAFE will notify the utilities on its notification list of excavation plans, and the utilities will then have 48 weekday hours to send representatives to the site to mark the underground wires.

Caution: Not all private or public companies owning underground facilities (phone, cable, etc) are members of the Dig Safe program, and as such, they may not be notified of your intentions through this process. If you suspect there are underground facilities on your property, and the location of those facilities is not identified within a reasonable time period, you should contact the appropriate company directly.