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Renewable Energy

Members are able to make their own electricity under Vermont’s net metering law, under the auspices of the Public Service Board (PSB) rule 5.100.

Members are encouraged to contact the Co-op to discuss their renewable energy generation interest, to receive unbiased technical assistance, and to better understand the relationship between electric usage and renewable self-generation.

To apply for a registration form (for installations < 15 kW) or a Certificate of Public Good (CPG), go to the PSB website:

There is no charge to apply for a net metering CPG. To understand the technical requirements for net metering equipment under the Vermont statute, go here:

Members interested in having their property evaluated for solar electric (photovoltaic; PV) production, or solar hot water should select multiple local vendors from whom to request proposals.

WEC recommends for members looking for local contractors to provide quotations and install solar hot water or PV systems to go to the list of current “Solar Partners” under the “Small Solar and Wind” incentive program; go to Renewable Energy Vermont’s website

To Use a Solar Hot Water Calculator, look at www.thesolarnerd.com/calculator or for a more sophisticated one, go to www.retscreen.net.

To Use a Renewable Energy Calculator:   http://www.nrel.gov/rredc/pvwatts.

Here is a PV calculator from the Tuck Business School: http://www.kblocks.com/app/pv/

Also see: 12-2002 WEC solar story..

More Information About Renewable Energy at Washington Electric Co-op

The Co-op’s board of directors has made policy decisions supporting the purchase of renewable energy sources for Co-op power supplies.

Here’s a pie chart of WEC’s 2013 renewable energy sources:

2017 Sources of Power Chart