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Restoring Power


Your Co-op has a list of priorities that we use to determine the best way to restore power after an outage. If it’s a localized interruption, like a downed line or pole, the priority is easy: send out a crew and fix it. But if we get widespread damage from a storm or other cause, we have to take it step by step. For example, if we restore the lines going to your home before we repair substations and main lines, you still won’t have power, and we’ll have to come back to test the lines before actually hooking you up. By restoring power from the distribution points down, we can actually restore your power faster.


In a major emergency, our first priority is to repair the substations that feed power to all our members, if that is where the problem exists.

Main Lines

If the interruption is on a main line carrying electricity from the substations to each community we serve, many members are affected. They are our next priority. Once power has begun to flow through these lines again, we can focus our attentions on the needs of our individual members.


These are the lines that bring power to smaller groups of members who live on the same road or share the same hillside. Your Co-op will restore spurs that serve the most members first, connecting the individual service lines that link spurs with individual homes and businesses.

Small Spurs and Individual Service Lines

Those lines that serve just one or two members will be restored next. Often, power is restored to these members as the main lines are re-energized. If there is still a problem on a spur or service line, some members may see their neighbor’s lights go on, while their power is still out.

Other Priorities

The Co-op maintains a database of people with special power needs like life support equipment or emergency services, like police, rescue, ambulance, and fire stations. The Co-op will make every effort to prioritize your needs. Members with these special requirements are encouraged to install backup power sources.