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2002 Co-op Currents

January/February 2002

  • WEC Sells its Shares of Vermont Yankee Power Corp.
  • Waits River 5th Graders are Wired
  • Board to Propose Two Bylaw Revisions in 2002
  • Strong Interest Revealed in Board Vacancy

March 2002

  • WEC Replaces Nuclear Power with Landfill Gas
  • Introduction to 2002 Director Candidates
  • Membership Approval Needed for New Substation
  • Winter Storms Spike Outages in 2001

April 2002

  • Annual Meeting Speaker from the Frontiers of Renewable Energy
  • Annual Officers’ Reports:  President, Manager, and Treasurer
  • Four Candidates Seek Member Support
  • Amendments Would Bring Bylaws in Line with State Statute

June 2002

  • Damaged Transmission Lines Idle WEC Substations
  • Members Approve New Substation and  Bylaws at Annual Meeting
  • Internet Access Now Available Through WEC
  • WEC’s Perspective on Enron’s Rise and Fall

July 2002

  • Co-op Business Profile:  GP’s Auto Service
  • WEC Adopts State-Approved Service Quality and Reliability Plan
  • Home Generators Needed as Back-Up Power to Regional Grid
  • WEC Working with Other Utilities to Curb Outages

September 2002

  • Vermont Struggles with Renewable Energy Policy
  • WEC’s Strategy for Summer Power Costs
  • First 9/11 Anniversary Turns Thoughts to Community
  • WEC’s 2002 Capital Credit Equity Distribution Plan

October 2002

  • WEC Gets A Checkup
  • VT Political Candidates Address WEC Members on Energy Issues
  • Deciding When to Upgrade Home Appliances
  • October is National Co-op Month

December 2002

  • New Long Distance Calling Service Offered
  • WEC Reluctantly Takes Towns to Court Over Tax Issues
  • Operations System Improvements Scheduled for 2003
  • Viewpoint:  The Economies of Residential Solar Energy