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2003 Co-op Currents

January/February 2003

  • Meeting the Staff of WEC’s Engineering Department
  • The Vision of the New Department of Public Service Commissioner
  • Annual Outage Report Identifies Problems and Successes on WEC’s System
  • Tracking the Development of Fuel Cell Technology

March 2003

  • Introduction to WEC’s Accounting Department and Other Staffing Changes
  • Three Candidates RunĀ  for the Board of Directors
  • WEC’s “Wardrobe” of Surge Suppressors
  • Proposed Bylaw Changes to Streamline Co-op Membership

April 2003

  • 64th Annual Membership Meeting Looks to WEC’s Future With Renewable Energy
  • Increased Power Sales Resulted in Greater Revenues in 2002
  • Position Statements of the 2003 Director Candidates
  • President’s and Manager’s Annual Report to the Membership

June 2003

  • Capital Credit Refunds May Support New Community Fund Program
  • Two Energy-Related Bills Pass at End of Legislative Session
  • Member Marion Button of Chelsea Remembered
  • North Fayston Road Members Affected By Northern Power Expansion

August 2003

  • WEC Announces Plans to Generate Power from Methane
  • A Profile of Vermont Filmmaker and WEC Member John O’Brien
  • New South Walden Substation Under Construction
  • Miscellaneous Outages Caused by Faulty Equipment

September 2003

  • Coventry Clean Energy Project to Secure Stable Energy Future
  • WEC Holds Local Gatherings to Discuss Coventry and Other Issues
  • Co-op Seeks Former Members for Capital Credit Refunds
  • Vermont Electric Co-op to Buy Citizens Utilities

October 2003

  • Recalling When Co-op Power Reached the Brainerd Farm in ’46
  • WEC Promotes Energy Star Homes
  • WEC’s Technicians are Masters of All Trades
  • New 5-Star Home Featured

December 2003

  • Big Blow Whacks WEC’s System
  • Stable Rates/System Reliability
  • The Latest in Coventry, Generation Project
  • Janet LaRochelle Retires