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2005 Co-op Currents

January 2005

  • Billing Tips to Serve You and Your Co-op
  • Co-op’s Perspective on Legislative Issues
  • Energy Policy Should Be on Vermont’s ‘Short List’
  • Telezappers’ Can Keep You in the Dark

March 2005

  • Three Candidates Run for WEC Board
  • 2004 Community Fund Summary
  • Co-op Member Tours Construction Site for Nuclear Dump
  • Outage Report Looks Back at 2004

April 2005

  • 66th Annual Meeting Features Ornithologist Bryan Pfeiffer
  • WEC’s 2004 Revenues/Expenses–Power Costs Up But RECs Hold Rates
  • Position Statements of the 2005 Director Candidates
  • President’s and Manager’s Annual Reports to the Membership

June 2005

  • WEC to Assist UPC Vermont Wind
  • WEC Sells Joe’s Pond Beach
  • John Bellefeuille Honored
  • Annual Meeting Highlights

August 2005

  • WEC Celebrates Opening of Methane Generation Facility
  • Co-op Seeks Former Members for Capital Credit Refunds
  • Public Invited to Renewable Energy Conference
  • Wind Power–Myths, Apprehensions and Certainties

September 2005

  • WEC Workers Depart for Louisiana
  • A Day to Remember in Coventry
  • Fuel Buyers Clubs See Climb in Membership and Costs
  • Report Trouble When You See It

October 2005

  • Community Meetings Discuss Energy Future & Reliability
  • Rep. Bernie Sanders Reads Statement into Congressional Record
  • Cooperative Principles Guide Co-ops Around the World
  • Vt. Energy Leaders Gather for REV Conference

December 2005

  • Wireless Broadband Comes to the Countryside
  • Surviving a Prolonged Power Outages
  • Voters Approve Sheffield Wind Project
  • Foliage Left Trees Vulnerable in October Storm