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2006 Co-op Currents

January/February 2006

  • Improving Service Through System Upgrades
  • Coventry. . .Six Months Later
  • Members Asked to Make Their Voices Heard
  • Tax Credits and Incentives are Back

March/April 2006

  • Maple Corner Substation Replacement &  Proposed Bylaw Amendments on Annual Ballot
  • Members Participate in Professional Survey
  • 2005 Community Fund Report
  • Three Candidates Run for Board of Directors

May 2006

  • Official Notice of 67th Annual Meeting
  • Officers’ Annual Reports Include 2005 Revenue/Expenses
  • WEC’s 2005 Service Quality Report
  • Meet the Candidates Running for the Board of Directors

June 2006

  • Certifying ROW Skills
  • Getting Serious About Energy Efficiency
  • Highlights of WEC’s 67th Annual Meeting
  • Waste Not Finds a Place in Co-op Currents

August 2006

  • Fire Sidelines Coventry Facility
  • Co-op Coventry Plant to Expand
  • Former Members Sought for Capital Credit Refunds
  • Wind Power–Up Close and Personal

September 2006

  • Maple Corner Substation Energized
  • Community Meetings to be Held in Groton & West Danville
  • Inside WEC’s Board of Directors
  • What’s Behind WEC’s Pole Inspection Program?

October 2006

  • Coventry Expansion Goes to the Voters
  • Efficiency Campaign Previewed at Community Meetings
  • Political Candidates Consider Energy
  • Dean Shattuck Remembered

December 2006

  • Members Approve Coventry Expansion
  • Coventry Generation Plant Back on Line
  • REV Conference in Review
  • EVT and WEC Advise Potato Farmer