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2009 Co-op Currents

January 2009

  • A Christmas Carol” in Co-op Land
  • Now is the Time to Invest in Our Future
  • Meet the Member Services Department
  • WEC Wants YOU to Consider Running for the Board of Directors

March 2009

  • Five Members Run for the Board
  • How to Benefit From the Federal Stimulus Bill
  • 2008 WEC Community Fund Report
  • Vermont Supreme Court Supports Sheffield Wind Farm

April 2009

  • 70th Annual Membership Meeting Notice
  • Profiles of the Candidates Running for the Board of Directors
  • 2008 SQRP
  • WEC Officers’ Reports for 2008

June 2009

  • A Rousing Discussion of Power at WEC’s 70th Annual Meeting
  • Seventy Years of Commitment and Courage
  • WEC Treasurer Douglas Sees No Rate Hike for Now
  • Wendell Cilley and WEC Employees Recognized

July 2009

  • Air Conditioning Has Grown Hotter in Vermont
  • A Brave New Electronic World
  • The NEAEC Co-ops
  • West Fairlee’s King of Honeybee Queens

September 2009

  • New Rate Design to be Filed with PSB
  • WEC Co-hosts NRECA Regional Meeting
  • Co-op Invests in a Sustainability Study
  • Co-op Seeks Former Members for Capital Credit Refunds

October/November 2009

  • Scores Turn Out for Coventry Open House
  • Let’s Get Ready Now for What Lies Ahead
  • Vermont Utilities Capture $69 Million Federal Grant
  • Community Meetings Bring Members Out inĀ  Cabot and Chelsea

December 2009

  • A Rate Increase in the Offing
  • ‘Goodbye’ Standard Light Bulb
  • President Bernstein Reviews 2009 and Previews 2010
  • Wind-Caused Outages Follow Thanksgiving