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2010 Co-op Currents

January 2010

  • Panel Addresses WEC Board on Vermont Yankee
  • Billing Has Gone Full Circle
  • A ‘Virtual’ Tour of WEC’s Coventry Methane Plant Now Available
  • Take Advantage of Rebate Programs and a Tax Holiday

March 2010

  • WEC Community Fund–A Cause Worth Joining
  • WEC’s Yankee Resolution
  • Five Running for Board of Directors
  • Rural Electric Co-ops in the Empire State

April 2010

  • 71st Annual Membership Meeting Notice
  • Officers’ Annual Reports
  • Gubernatorial Candidates to Attend Annual Meeting
  • 2009 Service Quality and Reliability Performance Report (SQRP)

June 2010

  • Energy Forum Highlight of 71st Annual Membership Meeting
  • WEC & Efficiency Vermont Co-host Open House
  • Two Newly Elected Directors to Serve With  Incumbents Bernstein & Folsom
  • 495 Insulators Replaced on Transmission Line from East Montpelier to Maple Corner

July 2010

  • Heat Wave–How High Temps Affect Your Co-op
  • Securing WEC’s Long Term Energy Supply
  • Two Newly Elected Directors to Serve With  Incumbents Bernstein & Folsom
  • The “Barrel Man” of West Topsham

September 2010

  • Heading Toward a Rate Increase
  • Former Members Sought for Capital Credit Refunds
  • State Archives Move into WEC Territory
  • ‘Vermont Wind’ Permit Upheld

October 2010

  • Co-op Prepares to File for a Rate Increase
  • Food for Thought at WEC Community Meetings
  • WEC Adopts a New Rate Design
  • Jacques and Anderson Take Early Retirement

December 2010

  • WEC Files for 1st Rate Increase in 11 Years
  • 2010: An Especially Busy Year for WEC
  • A New Focus on Energy
  • Employees Make Christmas a Little Brighter