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2012 Co-op Currents

January 2012

  • PSB Begins Formal Review of Utility Merger
  • Wind Farms:   Large, Visible, and Necessary
  • Precautions for the Winter-Outage Season
  • Beware the Electric Space Heater
  • Time to Think About Running For the Board

March 2012

  • Weighty Matters Before the Public Service Board
  • UN Designates 2012 International Year of Cooperatives
  • 2011 Community Fund Report
  • Three Candidates Run for Board of Directors

April 2012

  • 73rd Annual Meeting Notice and Annual Report
  • Vote for Three Directors and A Bylaw Change
  • WEC’s 2011 SQRP Report
  • Report of the 2012 Committee on Candidates

June 2012

  • One Year Later–WEC Employees Move Back In
  • Smart-Metering Rollout Begins
  • 73rd Annual Meeting Report
  • Dr. Alan Betts Delivers Climate Challenge at Annual Meeting

July 2012

  • Advanced Metering (AMI) Conversion Underway
  • WEC & the GMP/CVPS Merger
  • Front Porch Forum Thrives in East Montpelier
  • Mess Left by the Fourth of July Storm

September 2012

  • WEC’s 2012 Rate Adjustment Approved
  • WEC Intervenes in GMP Transmission Rate Case
  • Co-op Seeks Former Members for Capital Credit Refunds
  • Maintaining a Culture of Safety

October 2012

  • WEC Members Going Solar for Hot Water
  • Energy’s Complex Future Discussed at WEC Community Meetings
  • WEC’s System Maintenance Technicians Bring Skills to the Job
  • Memories of “The Amalgamated”

December 2012

  • Plainfield Hydro Developer Scores a Breakthrough
  • WEC Rates Holding Steady
  • WEC Closes In On Its AMI Project
  • Bador and Pudvah Retire on November 15, 2012