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Post October/November Wind Event – Update

As many of our members know, the high winds associated with the storm event that occurred on October 30, 2017, caused many healthy trees located outside of the right-of-way (ROW) corridor to fall onto or toward the lines.  Beginning in November, for the next several months, ROW clearing crews will be focusing on removing these “danger trees” to help prevent future outages and improve reliability of the electrical distribution system.  In addition, ROW clearing crews and an excavator-mounted mower called the “Brontosaurus” will be working to trim the Jackson Corners to Northfield three-phase line.   The line consists of 302 spans and runs approximately 15 miles from the substation to East Roxbury.  Crews will be removing danger trees as well.   Following is a partial list of where ROW clearing crews and WEC Line Crew are currently working:

Jackson Corners Substation to Northfield Feeder (ROW clearing and danger tree removal as well as a pole replacement).   This will require a planned outage to transfer wires to the new pole.

Jackson Corners Substation to Chelsea Feeder (Danger tree removal and reconstruction of some of the 3-phase line.

Jackson Corners Substation to Topsham Feeder (Danger tree removal)

Graniteville Switching Station to Jackson Corners Substation Transmission Line (Danger tree removal)

GMP 3319 Line to WEC’s Walden Substation (Danger tree removal)

Moretown Substation to Fayston/Waitsfield Feeder (Danger tree removal and crane/tree removal as well as pole replacements in Duxbury).  This will require a planned outage to transfer wires to the new pole.

Moretown Substation to Middlesex Feeder (Adding electronic reclosers and removing danger trees)

Brookfield Cemetery Street (Reconstruction/setting oles and clearing ROW)

East Montpelier to North Street area (ROW clearing and danger tree removal)

Remember!   You can help us prevent an outage.   If you spot a tree that is either on the lines or clearly leaning toward the line, please notify as soon as possible.   CAUTION:  DO NOT, under any circumstance touch or attempt to remove the tree from the line.   You can be electrocuted!