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ACH – Automatic Bank Draft


You can have your electric bill paid automatically every month; no checks, stamps, or envelopes are needed. You’ll never have to worry about whether you’ve paid your electric bill on time again. Sign up for WEC’s automatic payment plan and your payment will be transferred from your checking or savings account 16 to 20 days from the date on the billing statement. You will continue to receive monthly bills from WEC so that you will know the amount of your bill and the kWh usage, but it will be marked “PD BY BANK DRAFT”.

It’s easy to sign up; just download and print out the payment plan agreement form below.   Fill in your WEC account number(s), the name(s) as shown on the electric bill, your address and telephone number and return it to the WEC office (PO Box 8, East Montpelier, VT  05651).   Please be sure to include a voided check if you would like to have the payment deducted from your checking account. If you choose to have the payment deducted from your savings account, please indicate your savings account number.

As soon as the automatic payment plan has gone into effect, you will see a message on your bill stating “BANK DRAFT – DO NOT PAY”.   This will also be indicated on the bill stub.  Until this message appears on your bill, you will need to pay in the usual manner.  After that, payments will automatically occur each month, unless you decide to withdraw from the program. If your checking or savings account has insufficient funds, the payment cannot be processed, and you will be charged a non-sufficient funds fee. If this happens more than once in twelve months, your account will be removed from the automatic bank draft cycle, and no personal checks will be accepted on the account, for a time period of one year.

We hope you enjoy the convenience this service offers.  It can save you time, and it will save WEC time and money, helping to control our costs. If you have any questions, please call WEC at 1-802-223-5245 or toll free at 1-800-932-5245.