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Closing Your Account

When you go off WEC lines and no longer receive electric service from the cooperative, it will be necessary for you to close your account.  It is important to remember to contact a member service representative before you leave the service location to inform WEC that you will no longer be responsible for the service at this location.  If the power is to be transferred into someone else’s name and you know the name, address, and the telephone number of the person(s) who will be moving in, it can be very helpful if this information is provided to the member service representative so that the member(s) following you will not experience a disruption in service.

In order to terminate your responsibility for charges incurred at this location after you leave the property, it is necessary for you to provide a final meter reading on the date your account is to be terminated.  This final reading will be used to calculate your usage up to the date of termination so that your final bill can be issued.   Failure to provide a final meter reading could result in charges beyond the date you leave the service location.

Please remember to keep the cooperative informed of all address changes, not only when you go off WEC lines but also in the future, as  your final capital credit allocation notice and future capital credit refund authorizations will be sent via mail at the last known address that we will have for you.