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Pay-By-Phone Instructions

Instructions to pay-by-phone:

  1. Dial 223-5245 or 1-800-932-5245
  2. Selection option 4
  3. Selection option 6
  4. Enter your account number followed by the # symbol, enter 1 to confirm
  5. Select option 2 to make a payment
  6. Pay full amount press 1, pay different amount press 2
  7. Confirm amount to be paid
  8. Press option 1 to pay by check
  9. Press option 2 to pay by credit card

If paying by check, be sure to have your:

  1. Routing number (lower left-hand number on your check)
  2. Your checking account number (bottom middle number on check)

If paying by credit card, be sure to have your:

  1. Credit card number
  2. The expiration date on the card
  3. The CSV (three digit number) from the back of your card.

Please note that we only accept Visa and MasterCard.