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Sample Residential Bill

Below is WEC’s new bill format as of March 2019!  For more information, please click “How to Read” your bill. 


3. Please refer to this number when making an inquiry about your account. 2. This is the day the bill was mailed. Payment is due upon receipt and is overdue within 30 days of this mailing date. 1. Check this space for important news from your Co-op. 4. Please refer to this number when reporting a power outage. 8. Review of your electric usage for the last 13 months. 9. Shows consumption period for the current billing. 10. Shows meter readings for the current billing. 15. Compares monthly and daily kwh to the same period a year ago. 16. Initial this line if you would like to sign up to contribute to the WARMTH program, by rounding up your monthly billings to the next nearest dollar. These monies are donated to the WARMTH Program that provides supportive services and/or limited financial assistance to low-income households facing a home heating or utility crisis. 5. This is the amount of the previous billing. 6. This shows the amounts paid on this account within the last 30 days. 7. This shows the unpaid balance still due on this account as of the billing date. 11. WEC provides your first 200 kwhs at a reduced rate. 12. This reflects kwh consumption above the low-cost rate (11), which is billed at the regular residential rate. 13. A fixed monthly charge that reflects the cost of having service facilities in place and available for use by members. This monthly charge remains the same whether or not any electricity is consumed. 14. This charge is collected by all Vermont electic utilities and paid directly to the state-wide Energy Efficiency Utility, in accordance with Vermont law. Members may be eligible to receive energy efficiency services or products from EEU by calling toll free 1-800-921-5990.