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Community Fund

What is the WEC Community Fund?

Washington Electric Co-op annually makes modest contributions to local non-profit organizations and community projects. As a cooperative, our owners are our customers. In order to not pay for such contributions from WEC’s operating budget, WEC asks its members to voluntarily donate their capital credit refunds to the WEC Community Fund. (Members choosing not to participate in the Community Fund receive their refunds in November.)

For more information about capital credit refunds and WEC’s annual Equity Distribution Plan, see:

History of the Fund

To fulfill the Cooperative’s philosophy of “concern for community” as reflected in the principles adopted in 1995 by the International Cooperative Alliance, the Board of Directors established the Community Fund in 2003. In 2006 over 1,900 Washington Electric Co-op members/former members chose to contribute their capital credit refunds to the Community Fund. The total of these contributions were approximately $29,500.  Fifty-three percent of these members chose to donate their capital credits to the fund for 2006 as well as for all future years.

Contributing to the Community Fund

WEC uses a variety of means to contact members to see if they wish to contribute their capital credit refund to the Community Fund.

Any member not contacted may donate to the Community Fund by submitting an interest sheet or by contacting us by email or telephone. We will forward an authorization form with the amount of the available capital credit refund. The form should only be returned if a member chooses to donate.

Annual Report of Community Fund Activities

For a report on the 2003 – 2017 Community Fund activities, including a list of organizations and community projects that received support contact the Co-op office. For a report on the 2017 Community Fund, see the 2017 July issue of Co-op Currents or contact the Co-op office.