Annual Meeting Election Results

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Special announcement May 6, 2022 Farnham, Alexander, Allen elected to WEC Board of Directors Steven Farnham of Plainfield, Susan Alexander of Cabot, and Betsy Allen of Plainfield won election to Washington Electric Cooperative’s (WEC) member-led Board of Directors. Farnham was the sole incumbent running for re-election; Alexander and Allen were newly elected to the Board. The results were announced Thursday …

WEC featured on VPR podcast

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A rural Vermont utility crew confronts a surprise outage, and a changing climate Erica Heilman, producer of Rumble Strip, profiled WEC for VPR broadcast Published by Vermont Public Radio | By Erica Heilman | April 29, 2022 “Last week, there was a storm of wet heavy snow in areas throughout Vermont, with power outages all around the state. Independent producer Erica Heilman stopped …

RESTORED: Outages – 12/1/2022

WEC Outages

December 1, 2022 | 12 pm updated 1 pm WEC is experiencing outages due to high winds. WHERE: Calais, East Montpelier MEMBERS OUT: Roughly 250 CAUSE: Complications with a tree(s) on the 3-phase lines on the East Montpelier to Cabot feeder. CREWS: Assigned and working to restore power. Remember: Do not approach downed wires. Report immediately. Call WEC at 802-223-5245 …

RESTORED: Outages – 11/30/2022

WEC Outages

November 30, 2022 | 12 pm onward WEC experienced outages throughout the day and into the night on November 30, 2022 and early morning on December 1, 2022. Most outages were related to the high winds across Vermont. Crews worked diligently to restore power to our members through the night. At our peak, roughly 700 members were without power. Thank …

RESTORED: Outage – 11/9/2022

WEC Outages

November 9, 2022 | 2:30 pm WHERE: Vershire, Route 113 MEMBERS OUT: 22 CAUSE: Accident involving a truck and pole. CREWS: Crews are on the way, and may be on the scene already. Please note that we expect but cannot guarantee restoration time to be approximately 3 – 4 hours due to difficult accessibility and transportation of materials. Thank you …

RESTORED – Outage: 11/02/2022

WEC Outages

WHERE: Calais WHEN: November 2, 2022, 10:00 am MEMBERS OUT: Roughly 300 CAUSE: Currently unknown. CREWS ARE ON THE WAY. Remember: Do not touch or approach downed wires. Call WEC immediately to report outages or unsafe conditions at 802-223-5245.

What the Co-op Means to Me

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A meditation on Co-op Month from a recently elected Director By Betsy Allen When I first moved to the Northeast Kingdom, I heard about a neighbor who was selling bulk food items from her home in town. I could fill out a piece of paper with how many pounds of flour or beans or dried fruits I’d like. Once a …

October/November – Brief Updates

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Got something to say?  Letter to the editor, comment, or a story tip? Drop us a line at or Washington Electric Cooperative, Inc., P.O. Box 8, East Montpelier, VT 05651, Attn: Co-op Currents. Where’s WEC?  Crews are busy working to keep rights-of-way clear. Right-of-way maintenance is necessary to keep your power safe and reliable. Click here for right-of-way updates. …

Together again

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Co-op gathers members together for a cookout, connections, and engineering demonstration on a sunny September day Preview in new tab September 10 was hot and sunny. But with almost 150 members expected for lunch, the grills were busy at WEC’s Operations Center, cooking burgers and chicken from local farms. Typically, WEC hosts the Annual Meeting of the membership in early …

Context for WEC’s rate increase filing

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By Louis Porter Washington Electric Cooperative has filed for a 14.19% increase in its rates. The need for this increase is driven by several factors, but the primary ones are a decline in production at the Coventry landfill gas-to-electricity plant and high and volatile prices in the New England energy market that are occurring at the same time. The result …