Abandoned Property

Abandoned Capital Credits

Former WEC members may have retired capital credits that have not been claimed.  Some of these credits have been paid to the State of Vermont’s Unclaimed Division and some are still on the member’s capital credit account at the Cooperative. If you believe you have abandoned property with us—unclaimed capital credits—please find your name on the Abandoned Property - Complete List (listing updated July 2023).

To claim your abandoned capital credits, please can contact the Cooperative at 802-223-5245 or 1-800-932-5245. You will be asked to verify your identify, which can be done by providing WEC with an old address, telephone number, map location #, your social security number (if it is on file), etc.  Upon verification, you will be mailed or emailed a refund authorization form.

If you prefer, you can also complete the inquiry form online at Vermont Unclaimed Property.

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