Board of Directors Asks Members to Vote for Bylaw Amendment

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For the first time in a decade, WEC members are asked for their vote to amend the Co-op’s bylaws. The proposed amendment to Article II comes from WEC’s Board of Directors. Its primary effect would allow for electronic (online) voting. Currently, members may only vote by mailed ballot, or, when it is safe to gather, in person.

The bylaw amendment would also allow notice of member meetings to be delivered electronically, when the Board of Directors determines available technology can reach members reliably, efficiently, and equitably.

Finally, the proposal updates language to use gender-neutral terms and clarifies omissions and ambiguities in the text of Article II.

The details of the proposed amendment are enclosed with your ballots and return envelope. Please cast your yea or nay vote for the bylaw amendment, select or write in three candidates for the Board of Directors, and return your ballots by mail for receipt at the Barre Post Office by May 4.