Brief updates: April 2022

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Tune in to WEC’s Annual Meeting!

WEC’s 83nd Annual Meeting of the membership will be held virtually on Thursday, May 5, at 5 p.m.

To register for the meeting, visit

Join the meeting for:

  • Results of this year’s Board of Directors election
  • Q&A with Board Officers and new General Manager Louis Porter
  • Musical performance from Patrick Ross and Doug Perkins
  • Door prizes

Remember: Fill out and return the enclosed ballot. All ballots must be received by May 4 to count.

See you on May 5 at 5 p.m.!

2022 Virtual Annual Meeting Questions & Answers

Q. I have a question I want to ask. How can I do that?

A. WEC leadership will lead an online Q&A in the Annual Meeting. Join us virtually, and ask your question live! If you come up with a question later, or can’t attend live, you may submit your question to Co-op Currents as a letter to the editor. Members are also encouraged to contact any member of the Board of Directors or call the WEC office with questions any time of year.

Q. I want to watch the meeting, but I’m unable to attend virtually at 5:00 p.m. on May 5.

A. We will record the meeting and make it available on

Q. There are a lot of candidates. How do I make an informed decision?

A. Each candidate included their preferred contact information with their policy responses. You may contact candidates with specific and relevant questions to help inform how you vote.

Q. What is a bylaw and what is a proposed bylaw amendment?

A. WEC bylaws are the member-approved rules governing how the Co-op operates. For the first time in a decade, WEC’s Board of Directors proposed an amendment to the bylaws. The amendment would allow for members to vote electronically and updates some language. A majority vote is required to amend the bylaws.

Q. How do I get a ballot?

A. Ballots for the proposed bylaw amendment and Board of Directors election are enclosed with the print issue of Co-op Currents. All voting will take place by mail; all ballots must be received at the Barre Post Office by May 4.


All ballots must be mailed in 2022. Ballots must be received at the Barre Post Office no later than Wednesday, May 4 in order to be counted. Please read the instructions enclosed with your ballot and allow plenty of time for mail delivery.

Contact Rosie Casciero with questions: 802-223-2322

Have your finances taken a hit from COVID-19?

Don’t let your bill go past due. Call Member Services today.

WEC has delayed disconnections since July 2021, but this may change in the upcoming months. All Vermont utility customers are responsible for paying their bills. Help is available: A Member Services Representative will help you put together a budget that works for you. Plus, there are state programs that may help pay down your bill.

Don’t let your bill go past due, or grow beyond what you can manage. Call us today, and we’ll help you put together a plan: 802-223-5245 or toll free at 1-800-932-5245.

WEC Office Closed to Public: Call or Email Only

WEC’s office in East Montpelier is now closed to members of the public. Thank you for understanding. You may reach any staff member or Board member by phone or email.

WEC’s website is and phone numbers are 802-223-5245 and toll free at 1-800-932-5245.

Thank you!

Be prepared!

Spring can mean high winds and saturated ground. Be prepared for wild weather and potential outages.

Preparedness is taking responsibility for the safety and comfort of yourself and those around you. That means staying informed, having the supplies you need, and making wise choices.

Call WEC to report an outage: 802-223-5245 or toll free at 1-800-932-5245. Call 211 for emergency resources.

To learn more, visit