Additional Outage Information

Week of 1/25/2021 through 1/29/2021:

Members in the towns of  Brookfield,  Chelsea,  Washington, and Williamstown are being impacted by short power outages (roughly a minute or less). These outages are caused by voltage instability coming from  GMP's transmission lines that connect to WEC’s Jackson Corner substation. GMP is working on their system to replace several poles this week (1/25/2021 – 1/29/2021) and they are rerouting power to WEC’s substation.

This rerouting of power is creating short duration voltage issues between the systems.  As a protection measure, the WEC substation automatically shuts off power when levels of voltage change outside the equipment’s tolerance levels.

We have reached out to GMP and they are working to minimize the voltage issues between our systems. They are modifying their plans to back feed our system in order to avoid voltage issues.  We apologize for the interruption in service this is causing.  Thank you for your patience.  In the event of an outage please call us 802-223-5245!

Members can review  safety and storm preparation  online. Call 911 for medical emergencies.

Please be advised that WEC  has taken the necessary protection measures within the COVID-19 guidelines to be prepared for outage events.

Please remember, do not touch or approach a power line that is on the ground as it may be energized. If you find a downed wire, please call us immediately at 1-802- 223-5245 or 1-800-932-5245.

To report an outage, please call 1-802-223-5245 or 1-800-932-5245. It is important that you report outages, as that can be our first indication of an outage in your area.