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15 years ago, here’s what Cabot kids learned about energy

During the 2007-2008 school year, Energy Coach Bill Powell visited Cabot fourth-graders to talk about power. What they learned from his presentation was incorporated into “a display we created to share our year-long, whole school focus on energy and sustainability,” said retired teacher and WEC member Mary Ann Tormey.

Recently, Tormey uncovered this time capsule of learning and shared it with WEC. So what did kids learn about power 15 years ago?

What’s changed:

  • WEC encouraged replacing incandescent bulbs with fluorescent, because LEDs were not yet widely available
  • Vermont Yankee nuclear plant provided more than a third of the state’s power – but was no longer part of WEC’s power portfolio, since the Co-op had already divested from nuclear and invested in the Coventry

What’s stayed the same:

  • In WEC territory, energy use for heating and lighting is higher in the winter than in the summer
  • Landfill gas provides a significant percentage of WEC’s portfolio
  • Renewable resources are the way to go

The Energy Coach has given many presentations since 2007-08. Interested in a WEC energy talk? Contact energycoach@wec.coop or 802-224-2329.